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Relationships Are A Choice

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Relationships Are A Choice

Some of us have a hard time getting around the idea that their marriage and the love that they established actually failed at some point.
Even sharing the best of intentions as compassionate, understanding and thought of themselves as educated; they
somehow still managed to mess it up.

In Clique Gallery - Boutique, through our matchmaking/counseling services we either create or repair relationships of
all kinds to reach love, understanding and harmony; to maintain healthier relationships for long term.

Here are the four levels of relationships that are mostly experienced among our clientele:

Surface Relationships: The most common of all relationships are ones that never go below the surface.
There is no strong commitment from either person, and there is often a passive approach to one another.
Though this type of relationship does not reward a person with great depth, it provides the foundation for all other kinds of relationships.

Structured Relationship: These types of relationships are built on routine encounters. They may be tied to a specific place or time. Or they may be the result of common interests and/or activities.

Secured Relationship: When people reach a certain comfort level with each other and begin to share more of themselves with one another, they begin to develop trust. They often desire to spend more time together. It is in this level that friendships are tested.

Solid Relationship: These are the highest of all relationships. They occur when people share complete trust and confidentiality
which leads to a desire to serve and give to one another; to maintain a long term relationship.

Why attract a higher quality relationship? It is exactly what you want and need to have.
This is a direct result of being open to it - being ready for it - desiring and craving this sensation to happen and expecting it to
happen at any moment. Somehow the more challenges, obstacles and circumstances you witness in life seemed to hinder you
from feeling peaceful and stable on a consistent basis, therefore, you must not shut yourself down or hinder the appearance or arrival of that special person you desire showing up. Clique is here to help you with the confidence you need to restructure your life.

Our company would like to thank you for being a loyal customer over the years. We are grateful and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to assist you in any kind of situation for help. We would like to wish you and yours a happy healthy Holiday Season and New Year.

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