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Always Be True To Yourself

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Always Be True To Yourself

To be true to ourselves and others is one of the most difficult thing we can do, yet it’s the only way to find contentment and a sense of inner peace. But how can we stay truthful and honest in a world that’s filled with deception and lies?by being truthful to the light that is deep within us and by hold on to our joy for life in continue to keep good thoughts in our mind and good feelings in our heart.To be true to yourself means to act in accordance with who you are and what you believe.

If you know and love yourself you will find it effortless to be true to yourself, Just as you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself.  Begin by not being afraid to be who you are! 
As difficult as it may seem at first, have the courage to accept yourself as you really are, not as someone else thinks you should be. Do not take action or pretend to be someone else for the sake of gaining acceptance.

Many young people believe that when they do things to please their peers, such as drink when they shouldn't, or behave and party in inappropriate ways, they will be popular and liked. They go against the advice of their parents or their own common sense only to find themselves in trouble and not accomplishing what they set out to do.When you do things that are not genuine or a reflection of the real you, you will not be happy with yourself and will end up confused. You'll be confused because you won't know whom to please, or how.

Self-respect comes from being true to who you really are and from acting in accordance with your fundamental nature.
When you respect yourself, others will respect you. They will sense that you are strong and capable of standing up for yourself and your beliefs.
When you are true to yourself, you allow your individuality and uniqueness to shine through. You respect the opinions of others but do not conform to stereotypes or their expectations of you.To be true to yourself it takes courage. It requires you to be introspective, sincere, open-minded and fair. It does not mean that you are inconsiderate or disrespectful of others. It means that you will not let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself. 

As we approach the Jewish New Year – It is essential to be true to the very best that is in us and live our life consistent with our highest values and aspirations. I would like to wish You a Great, javascript: validateform();Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Energetic and Extremely Happy, Happy New Jewish Year.

Shana Tovah,

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