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Are You Looking for Love in All the Right Places?

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Are You Looking for Love in All the Right Places?

When you start dating someone, over the course of your relationship you slowly give pieces of yourself to them. Regardless if the relationship is 1 year or 8 years, you have still given them parts of you and you have taken parts of them with you. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out as planned and you have to part ways with your significant other.

Break ups can be very painful. Even if you’re not in love with someone anymore your life has changed and has been completely shaken up. Change is always hard and there is always a period of transition. You have gotten into a routine in life with this person. You have been used to seeing them every day, sleeping beside them and eating all your meals together. They have become a major part of your life so it is natural for you to still want to continue to have those things from someone when you break up. So now that they are no longer part of your life, you try to replace them with someone else. You try to get someone else to fill the missing void that your ex can no longer fulfill.

It is normal to want to continue to have that bond with someone, but the problem with moving on so quickly is that you are still broken. You have left pieces of yourself behind with your ex. Those are pieces that you will never get back. You have to start from scratch and rebuild yourself back up. It is so important that you build a brand new you. You have to learn who you are again and what you love to do. Discover yourself and fall in love with yourself all over again. If you don’t transition into the new you and explore the journey and finding yourself again, you will only continue to have unhealthy relationships.

In Clique Gallery we teach private Yoga sessions along with our Matchmaking and Relationship Counseling Services, since we believe in the beautiful benefit that yoga can heal and develop your sensitivity. Through our Yoga practices you will become more sensitive to yourself – listening to your body, noticing your thoughts and paying attention to your breath. Our Yoga teaching will help you nurture your relationship with yourself with the aim and goal to develop an intimate connection to yourself, which will makes you more available to others, like your partner, family and friends in a way that you will be tuned in to what’s happening with them emotionally and physically. The ability to “tune in” to others is a key ingredient in creating and sustaining rich and rewarding relationships. Opening your heart is a powerful way to open yourself for giving and receiving love in your life. Even if you’re single, Yoga can help you to become more open-hearted, so you will be more open to connections with others. This is the spiritual dimension of Yoga which is hard to describe, but can be experienced through the practice of the poses. If you’re wanting to open your heart, our Yoga sessions can be a gentle and supportive way to bring you more love into your life and allow you to give more love to others.

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