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Some people meant to come to our life as a blessing and some meant to teach us a lesson

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Some people meant to come to our life as a blessing and some meant to teach us a lesson

When we are going through our life experiences, we wonder where was God in all the events we had to go through? However, if we think deeply, we can relate to the wisdom that the teacher is always quiet during a test.
Based on our past experiences we meet different people for the purpose of our personal life growth. These relationships differentiate how we know we're with the wrong people versus the right people. While choosing to be surrounded with the right people, it is imperative to develop a good and healthy relationship and to learn more in depth about them. Getting to know their mindset, personality, traits, attitudes, and how people behave allow us to create a deeper connection in getting to know them.
We would like to attract people into our lives who will bring us blessings and have good energy. They are the ones who are true to us, who would never lie to us, who would never betray us and our trust,the ones who will always be our backbone, and who will be part of our life and stay there with or without strings attached.

However, the people that come into our life to teach us a lesson can be revealed through relationships that do not pan out as expected. This learning experience allows us to see their true colors and how their personality, attitude and character come into place which can all be revealed with time. Since everything in our life happens for a valid reason,so are the people that come in and out of our life. If things are rocky, unstable and miserable for you now, always remember that everything works out in the end. God is always there to protect us and watch over us.

Learning valuable lessons in our life and acting on it will only benefit us in the future. Although sometimes people do not think it will, it is usually come as a surprise when we least expect it, wonderful & recognized achievements will come out as the result of our patience, perseverance, and determination.

We would like to wish you & yours a Happy New Jewish Year filled with many blessings, good health & joyful moments which hopefully will encourage all of us to make the impossible possible, with no regrets, and no turning back. We shall aim to do what is best for us and our family for the purpose of fulfilling our own happiness,dreams and wishes, which will all come true in time.

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